Chief Keef&#039s a Father Once again Mainly because Judge Says So


Chief Keef‘s taking paternity circumstances to a new level — the rapper’s been named the daddy without the need of ever taking a DNA test. &#160&#160

According to docs obtained by TMZ, a judge went all Maury by declaring Keef is the father due to the fact he in no way responded or objected to the case. The infant mama is former porn actress, Aareon “Slim Danger” Clark, who gave birth to a infant boy, Zinc Clark, final July.

Zinc’s currently got infant locks! Dad should be proud.

Slim tells us Keef’s in no way noticed the kid, and in no way took a paternity test … which is why she took him to court. Zinc is 21-year-old Keef’s fourth kid.&#160

We’ve reached out to Chief Keef, but no word back. Have to be out purchasing cigars.

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