“Death by A Thousand Cuts”: Girls Engineers Speak Out About the Sexism in Silicon Valley

Wired recently posted the above video, which can also be viewed on their website if the YouTube video does not operate in your area. It highlights a series of testimonials from women engineers who speak about their experiences with sexism and racism in the tech sector. Even though I assume most TMS readers currently knew that Silicon Valley has a severe diversity dilemma, it is nonetheless strong to hear these girls speak about their personal experiences, and testify to the possibilities that would open up if the tech sector committed itself to creating more diverse, much more inclusive workplaces.

Beneath are just a couple of of the quotes, which will likely sound familiar to anybody who’s worked in white- and/or male-dominated spaces just before.

“People sort of assume that I am not technical.”

“Being in environments exactly where it is mainly guys, exactly where it is mainly white persons, there is a physic toll, mainly because I cannot be my complete self. There’s generally a tiny bit of needing to filter…It’s a calculus that I do each day. It is exhausting.”

“The default is that girls of colour cannot be technical, are not technical, and as a outcome we get treated like we are not technical.”

“When persons know that you are a particular person of colour, they want to know your origin. They want to know a bunch of factors about you that do not truly matter when it comes to your operate.”

“I lately had a conversation with a gentleman who asked me, ‘Why must I care? Why must I want to modify it? What’s in it for me?’…There must be no one particular group who gets to say, ‘What’s in it for me?’ for an sector that is altering the planet ideal now.”

(By means of Wired image by way of screengrab)

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