Genie Bouchard Butt Flossin&#039 In Spain, Ditches Super Bowl Bet Guy

Here’s tennis star Genie Bouchard in a butt-baring bikini on the beaches of Spain … blessing all our senses when teaching the typical man a lesson … luck has its limits.

Eugenie just got bounced from the Mallorca Open — so she bounced on more than to Madrid and hit the sand with her boyfriend, Jordan Caron.

You know who WASN’T invited? The fortunate schmo Genie went on a date with right after the infamous Super Bowl bet — a bet in which Genie agreed to go out with the guy if the Pats came back from that 28-three deficit.

They did and Genie let the guy (John) take her to a Nets game. Later that evening, TMZ Sports got Bouchard saying that date #two was in the cards — but that clearly did not pan out ’cause she’s on the beach with Mr. Hardbody.

Challenging break for John. Very good for Caron. Even much better for butt enthusiasts.

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