Guy Shares Hidden Message In A Week’s Worth Of Tweets And It’s Delightfully Dumb


Hey, appear. We’ve all observed individuals place tons of work into crazy or ridiculous items to go viral, and definitely we adore to hate it mainly because we all retain clicking it. In my opinion, this guy’s method requires the cake.

An amazing twitter user named Richard Cook—who apparently does social media for Spotify, which puts this joke in some context—hid a secret message employing the initial word of each and every sentence in a week’s worth of typical-seeming tweets. ALL of the tweets enable carry the message. Star move if I’ve ever heard one particular, and of course every person freaked out.&nbsp

Get decoding the message with the week’s worth of tweets, which start beneath in reverse chronological order. Your day definitely could use a handful of minutes of sheer, brilliant stupidity. Game on!&nbsp

On initial glance, what is definitely wonderful is how seamless the lyrics to “All Star” in fact match into these tweets. Go back and study how awkward the sentences in this post are if you do not think this is surprisingly difficult. PLAY… ok, I give up.

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