Lionel Richie Targeted for &#039American Idol&#039 Judge


American Idol” has its sights set on judge #two for the reboot … and we’re told it is&#160Lionel Richie.

‘A.I.’ sources inform TMZ … producers consider Richie’s legendary music profession tends to make him a fantastic choose … credibility and a knack for honing in on what will develop into well known. Richie is also very outgoing, which tends to make for excellent Television.

We do not know if the ‘A.I.’ people have formally reached out to Richie. We contacted Richie’s folks, but so far they are mum. &#160

The query … how a lot can producers afford to spend Richie, or for that matter any judge who fills the vacant seats? They paid a queen’s ransom to Katy Perry$25 million — which primarily blew their intended judge’s price range.

As we reported … Ryan Seacrest is about to&#160sign a deal to host the new version for someplace in between $10M and $15M.

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