X-Pac Dodges Jail In DUI Case, &#039I&#039m a Changed Man&#039


X-Pac has TWO WORDS FOR YA …. NO JAIL!!! &#160(Also, suck it).&#160

The wrestling star scored yet another huge legal victory this week when the judge in his DUI case reduce him a break and ruled he will not have to go to the pokey for violating his probation in a 2004 arrest.&#160

As we previously reported, X-Pac (genuine name Sean Waltman) did not total all of the terms of his 2004 plea deal (either neighborhood service or rehab) so a warrant was issued for his arrest.&#160

The case went below the radar for years, but got back in front of the judge in April — and he faced 90 days in jail if the judge wanted the throw the book at him.&#160

Sean appeared in L.A. County Superior Court Thursday and told the judge the truth — he was a mess back then and his life was out of manage. X-Pac mentioned he’s a changed man now.&#160

The judge gave him a possibility to prove it — extending his probation for two far more years and ordering him to attend a three-month alcohol system rather of jail. But if he messes up, it is back to the slammer.&#160

We spoke with X-Pac who tells us, “I know this sounds cliche, but I am genuinely grateful not to be going to jail. Jail sucks.”

He added, “I am thankful to the judge for understanding my scenario.”&#160

X-Pac says he promises to maintain his nose clean and make the judge proud.&#160

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